Welsh Receptionist / Front of house team



Event Details

Welsh Receptionist / Front of house team



Event Rules

In the opinion of your clients , you are the best  receptionist / front of house team in Wales.

  • The clients of the salon will consider the personal service that you provide.
  • You will have been working within your salon at reception. 
  • To enter this you are the person / persons who look after the smooth running of the salon Always happy and client facing, day in day out. Making each and every client feel special 
  • Your votes will be from clients that you have provided a service for at least once since January, this current year  
  • You will be available for the awards ceremony on 05/11/2017 if you are nominated as a finalist
  • click here ti enter, Cost £5

Event Duration

  • From: 1st Sep 2017
  • To: 16th Oct 2017